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Will Humanity Survive?

Will Humanity Survive? Onereon through Jeff Michaels

In this time of tumult (when political, ethical, and moral separation seem unbridgeable; when the very sense of civil behavior, and thus civilization, appears shattered and fragmented beyond repair; when the gulf between people’s belief systems and the prolonged exposure of radical thought — long believed eradicated — is brought into the open to the shock and chagrin of many who search for enlightenment and spiritual growth), it is natural to wonder whether humanity will survive.

Our brief answer is: The human race was never intended to survive. Does this shock you? Allow us to expand on this idea. Our perspective should make things simpler to understand and perhaps easier to deal with, at least philosophically.

We say the family human is not meant to survive, and by this, we mean that they are meant to adapt, evolve, and grow from what they are in the present day into what they will become in the future. There is great potential within the energy of humanity, and it is the potential to improve. With that improvement will come balance and harmony, but much must change before we reach the state of coexistence and stewardship that is the desire of all spiritual beings.