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What the Image in the Mirror Truly Portrays

What the Image in the Mirror Truly Portrays Archangel Metatron of the Angels of the Light through Thelma Bodnar

Greetings, dear ones! You are being energized as you read these words. We are here today to offer guidance and support and to honor you and your journey.

There’s no magic potion or genie in a bottle that will give you peace of mind, joy in your heart, or masterful understanding. What we suggest is to aspire to rise above any mediocrity that might creep into your life. Disallow dissension, anger, and all discontent from sharing any space with you.

All the outer turmoil and unhappiness you accept into your life, such as gossip and innuendos that start to nag at your heart, are not truth, joy, or consciousness. All these trappings that have become comfortable and casual daily occurrences for you are nothing more than a façade. You tolerate this chaos because you don’t see an alternative. The other choice is right there in front of you when you look in the mirror.