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The Updated Arcturian Planetary Tree of Life

The Updated Arcturian Planetary Tree of Life Juliano and the Arcturians through David K. Miller

Since we have entered a new age, the Arcturians have updated the Tree of Life to give it greater meaning and a modern perspective for today’s planetary healers. They have expanded the ten spheres of the traditional Tree of Life to twelve, a powerful spiritual number. Its function has been expanded for planetary healing, and it has been renamed the Planetary Tree of Life.

There are twelve Arcturian etheric crystals downloaded to twelve different areas, all beautiful and powerful locations on Earth. An eleventh sphere, which was not totally accepted as a full sphere in the ancient Kabbalah and had a dotted line around it, has been made by the Arcturians into a fully interactive sphere. It is designated Hidden Knowledge Revealed, since ancient hidden knowledge is now accessible to all spiritual seekers on the planet. A brand-new twelfth sphere was added to the Planetary Tree of Life to show that the fifth dimension and the third dimension are now interacting.

Designated by the ascended masters, new spirit guides have been assigned to each sphere that starseeds can more easily relate to. They replace the ancient biblical prophets and patriarchs used in the original Tree of Life. The attributes of the Tree of Life, such as wisdom, understanding, judgment, and compassion have been expanded for planetary healing work.