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Two Eclipses Bring Endings and Beginnings

Two Eclipses Bring Endings and Beginnings Donna Taylor

July is likely to be an eventful month, as we have two eclipses, Mercury retrograde, and some rather dynamic and potentially tricky planetary alignments. Let’s start with the solar eclipse on July 2. This eclipse falls in the sign of Cancer and is therefore likely to affect those born under the sign of the Crab, along with Capricorn, Aries, Libra, and anyone born with planets around 7 to 13 degrees of these signs. What we need to remember with solar eclipses is that although they can be dramatic, they have a tendency to bring things to a close that need to be finished. So if something appears to be leaving our lives, it is probably because there’s a higher plan behind the proceedings.

Let us also not forget that solar eclipses can bring new beginnings; they act to wipe the path clear so that we can move forward. The area of your chart that this eclipse falls in will be a key area. For example, Cancers are looking at endings and new beginnings in general, and for Libras, the eclipse is likely to activate career and life direction. You can check your weekly forecasts to discover how this eclipse will affect you, but it’s important to remember that the sign of Cancer calls for nurturing and sensitivity.

The key to forward movement in the area of your life being influenced is to apply nurturing and caring. As an example, Libras could spend time considering how they can nurture their careers or care more deeply about the work they put out into the world.