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A Time of Rebirth

A Time of Rebirth Red Eagle through Therese Dorer

Therese: The vision before me is a wide, open space with tall grass blowing in the wind. I am facing west as the sun sinks below the horizon. Riding toward me on a horse is a beautiful man dressed in traditional regalia. He dismounts and greets us with open palms. He is Red Eagle.

Red Eagle: Welcome, children of Earth. It is with love and respect that I come to you this day. You are in the time of the setting sun on your Mother Earth — a time when it is important to trust in the process of change unfolding on the planet.

Your Mother Earth is going through the Shaman’s death. All who walk on Gaia must embrace the opportunity to die to the old and remember that you are cocreators of your new birth and the emerging New Earth. The process of birth is messy, painful, and a miracle, and you are experiencing all this in this now time. I suggest that you are midwives for this new creation, and the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine cocreating together in harmony is essential for this to occur.