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Renew Your Passion for Life

Renew Your Passion for Life The Collective Soul through Carolyn Gervais

Those of you who are old souls have lived hundreds, even thousands, of times as a human on Earth, and your conscious awareness can become very evolved. Old souls come to Earth to help balance and heal and teach about oneness, compassion, the creative source, and how to be a more aware person. As you probably know, being an old soul has nothing to do with one’s chronological age.

Living in today’s world as an old soul, you might feel that the opportunities and choices you had in your earlier life — what one calls past lives — were more numerous, advantageous, and fulfilling. There is a reason for this. Life as an old soul becomes like a movie you have watched and relived so many times, and the thought of watching it again can seem boring and tedious.

The longer and more times one is in physicality on Earth, the more difficult it can become to fit. This is especially true for old souls. The desires that many young to early mature souls call fun is not, usually, for the old soul, who feels compelled to at least try to associate with a somewhat quiet demeanor, obliging laugh, and gentle smile so as not to dampen the fun of younger souls.