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The Presence of You

The Presence of You Artemis through Kenneth Drake

You — that is, the truest and most authentic “you” — possess within your incarnation into flesh the most glorious power to transform the world you see and to honor your self. Glorious one, throughout ages past and even in more recent times — as you within your world regard the passage of time — many among you have spoken of the divine presence or the presence of God. This supreme, all-encompassing energy of the etheric world — this force of creation, as it were — has long been regarded by most from the perspectives of experiential bliss and transcendence.

Yes, everyone who incarnates into the encapsulation of human flesh does, for a time, look for outward experiences apart from themselves. Such is the nature of physicality. Even you, beloved, long before your emergence into the process of awakening, did at times look to others and to the external. You believed there were forces separate from you, apart from you, residing and existing all about you, always outside you.

For ages, many primitive dogmas of your human-made institutions served only to fuel such illusions of dichotomy and dualism, causing all about you to look without rather than within for the attainment of heaven. Yet, when the glorious emergence came and the fire of transcendence kindled within, you were reminded of the inner kingdom and its existence within you.