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The Power of the Spoken Word

The Power of the Spoken Word Jesus through Virginia Ellen

Virginia: When you speak your prayers out loud, you practice Laya Yoga. As you begin to embody the word as Jesus teaches, you feel the words thrill your nervous system, which brings pleasure to the cells.

The language that Jesus spoke was multilayered. It was teeming with vibration and life, the life of wisdom and love. Sacred Heart yoga is a multilayered practice that takes the devotee deeper into self and the essence of life that dwells within and breathes humanity. You speak the prayers out loud with deep-felt sincerity from the well of emotions within. When you speak with deeply felt emotion, the spirit comes alive within you. Your emotional body connects to your spiritual body.

Jesus: Thought is the creative vibration of life. As you speak, embrace the thought with your emotions and bring forth your desire so that the word has the energy and vibration of truth, of spirit. The moment you bring spirit into the spoken word with emotion, the faster it will manifest.