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The Power of Love and Compassion Brings People Together

The Power of Love and Compassion Brings People Together Mother of Compassion through Judith K. Moore

Judith: This message is about the gentle spirit of loving compassion. All day I have felt the power of compassion, and the divine Mother of Compassion has been speaking to me and sharing her wisdom.

She told me that when we are able to embrace ourselves with unconditional love and acceptance, we will be able to embrace each other. She said the power of compassion is a force of love and light that asks us to embrace our pain and woundedness and to not judge ourselves. By loving that part of ourselves, we can know compassion for others, because all have also known grief, frustration, and pain. When we truly embrace every human being with compassion, we share this power with each other and people feel accepted. They feel embraced and not judged.

This is a time in the world, she said, that compassion is needed more than ever. The powers of creation are bringing to the surface our deepest wounds and fears. We are feeling them as never before. There might be incidents or situations in our lives that affect us so deeply that we experience grief and pain. That is the very opportunity, she said, for us to not hide from, run away from, or deny our pain or fear but rather to sit with it and embrace it.