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The Power of Change in Consciousness: New Dialogues with the Sidhe

The Power of Change in Consciousness: New Dialogues with the Sidhe The Sidhe through Jaap van Etten

Jaap: Many people thought my connection with the Sidhe stopped after the publication of my book Birth of a New Consciousness.1 It is correct that I did not share much about the Sidhe after that publication, but my research continued. In the four years of research that followed, my friend Daniel Maddux and I collected a lot of information that was stimulated and guided by the Sidhe. Our research focused on portals the Sidhe connect to. In the book, the Sidhe shared that it is very important for them to remain connected with their essence through their originating star system. They believe this connection with their origin is very important because it is not possible to fulfill the soul’s purpose without it. According to the Sidhe, we’ve created such a mess on this planet because of our disconnection from essence. Once you disconnect from your essence, you experience disconnection in many other areas. Looking at humanity, they might be right.

Our research taught us a lot about portals. I do not claim to understand the energies that come through these portals; that is still a large, unexplored area. However, we learned that the Sidhe actively use them. The Sidhe created what I call “centers” that are connected with about ten of these portals. They use the centers to help the Sidhe of their community connect with their origins or reconnect if they lost the connection. We initially learned there are three types of centers. We gave them names based on the number of each type. One type has seven centers, another has five, and the third has nine. The Sidhe explained the function of these centers. The 7-centers help Sidhe stay connected with their origin, and they stimulate the clarity of this connection (image 1). The 5-centers help restore a connection when it has weakened. The 9-centers are healing centers for those who have lost the connection.