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The Magic of Mudras

The Magic of Mudras Archangel Gabriel and Aanchana through Rae Chandran

Rae: From the earliest times, hand gestures to depict certain characteristics and qualities have been practiced in many cultures and religions. If you look at statues of the gods and goddesses of India, you will see that almost all hold their hands and fingers in mudra positions. The same is true in Egyptian cultures and in many of the mystery schools where students are initiated into certain orders using mudras and sounds. Many pictures and statues of Master Buddha depict his hands held in certain mudra positions.

Mudras are simply hand gestures. When hands are held in certain ways, they can produce different experiences in the body, mind, and soul, for mudras create energy that shifts the consciousness held in the body and the mind.

Many times, healing does not occur even after repeated visits to healers or doctors, or healing happens for a short time and then the sickness returns. For healing to be permanent, it must occur on both physical and energetic levels. Mudras have the capacity to shift blocked energy. When that happens, physical healing can occur almost immediately.