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How Growth Converts through the Spirit, Mind, and Body

How Growth Converts through the Spirit, Mind, and Body Norma and Adora and Marna - Pleiadian Beings through Jenine Beecher

Norma: Growth is a complex topic. It starts from within the spirit and migrates through the mind into the body. Somewhere along this path, you make a decision to change or adapt something that no longer works for you. You want to have a clean slate and start over.

As spirits, the decision to make a change is not complex, as we can shift directions instantaneously. However, being here on planet Earth offers unique challenges because you have a body to contend with. Your body takes up space in time and has formed relationships, preconceived notions, and definitions of who it is in this environment it inhabits.

Change starts with a vibrational shift from the spirit to the mind, and then the body needs to follow suit. This vibrational shift is often met with resistance in your body and expresses as a health issue. This health issue is a marker informing you that the process of change in the body is under way. You go into the cellular level, organ functions, and body functions. They all need to shift to catch up to the new vibration you want to experience.