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Find Comfort and Joy when Gloom and Darkness Overshadow

Find Comfort and Joy when Gloom and Darkness Overshadow Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

We are always with you, even when the fog of chaos and the gloom of darkness overshadow. Do not despair. We are there, walking every step with you.

Notice us in the bloom of a flower, in the smile of a child, and in the hug of a loved one. Find comfort any way you can. Set yourself up for joy by making a list of all those things that bring you comfort and make you feel happy and loved even though the fog settles over your souls. Lightly touch your third eye and say, “Open to the light,” and we will enter and comfort you. Walk beside us in the woods and receive the great hugging power of the trees. They love you so.

Find a stream and listen for its song as it rolls over the rocks. Look over a large body of water, and let its majesty settle over you as you breathe deeply to open and calm the heart. Open your crown chakra to our golden love light and fill yourselves to overflowing. We are always here with you and, especially, for you.