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Feel the One Light of Creation

Feel the One Light of Creation Master Imhotep through Karinna Nielsen

Karinna: I’d like to share a recent surprise I had. After “returning to Earth” from a recent channeling session, I noticed I had tears in my eyes. The client sitting across from me was also crying. She described an undeniable feeling of unconditional love and an energy filling the room that was “just amazing.” I realized we had both just experienced the presence of a guide I’ve worked with for about fifteen years and perhaps through other lifetimes.

I’ve shared guidance from several other spiritual energies here in the Sedona Journal of Emergence, but when I felt the energy in the room that day, I realized it was time for me to reveal the love and wisdom of this ancient master to you. We share a powerful, heartfelt connection perhaps due to our long-standing commitment to the Creator, to each other, and to our work with Mother Earth.

Master Imhotep: Greetings. I want to share with you that the new dimension is drawing ever nearer to this planet. In fact, it is already here. As a guardian for this world, I want to also let you know that the world is not dying, as some would have you believe; it is evolving, and so are you.