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ET Contact Update

ET Contact Update Joopah through Robert Shapiro

There hasn’t been any big dramatic sightings lately. Are there other groups of ET civilizations or cultures that are in our skies now?

Keep in mind that the reason we (the Zeta Reticuli) are here is because we volunteered for it when no one else wanted to, and it is still that way now. Nobody else from other civilizations wants to come here, but occasionally they swoop in with a ship as long as they don’t have to linger. But no, there are no so-called dramatic things happening, and that is intentional. Look around the planet. You have more than enough drama to deal with. It is not our job to show up in some huge way that gets you off track from resolving your personal and planetary problems.

However, I will talk about a phenomenon that has been happening, and people have seen it. Usually it happens laterally, but occasionally it happens vertically, where there is a sudden burst of color in the sky. Scientists like to explain it as “this and that,” but it usually happens where there isn’t any particular moisture in the air. The purpose of these colors is to let people know they are moving toward their natural selves. They don’t understand it that way, of course, but they get the feeling. Children accept it completely, but adults have difficulty with it; they try to find a rational explanation.