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Emotional Depth and Honesty

Emotional Depth and Honesty The Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

The energies for July 2019 call for emotional depth, honesty, and integrity. During this time, new ways of expressing and communicating feelings and emotions will be necessary. It will be important to remain present as the human kingdom seeks to cross the threshold between old and new ways of interacting in all types of relationships: with the self, friends, family, lovers, those within one’s inner circle, and places of residence, work, and play. The desire for deeper levels of connection, trust, and intimacy will be at the forefront of all interactions. Emotional triggers for those still reacting from past patterning rather than responding to what is happening in the present moment are likely.

Much of the challenge during July will be discovering a balance between the head (mind, thoughts, beliefs) and heart (feelings, senses, intuition). Each member of the human kingdom will be more sensitive to outside stimulation — sounds, sights, and locations. It will be necessary to find places of quiet retreat to feed the soul-heart and nurture and heal ancient emotional wounds. Places, animals, and people with whom there is a sense of safety and trust can help when deep emotions need to be cleared and cleansed.

In order to move forward with anchoring hopes, dreams, and desires for future building, it will be necessary to move into a space of mutual reciprocity within the self and between the self and all people, beings, spirits, energies, entities, and things. The soul-heart’s destiny will blossom forth in meditation, images, and dreams with physical 3D opportunities to bring about the birthing stages of manifestation that will take place throughout July and well into December.