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Chaos and Conflict Continue

Chaos and Conflict Continue Lynn Buess

This is the time for defining the conflict between human egos, nations, and philosophies. It is the time to further implement selfless cooperation among governments, religions, science, and humanity. For example, there is so much being discovered in science and so much stress in religious circles as people attempt to reconcile old dogmas with startling revelations in history and archeology — to mention a few disciplines in transition.

Political motives have become more defined by now. The art of spin and misdirection is so sophisticated that even those in the know are confused and baffled by the amount of lies and deception. Tensions heat up as Russia and China make aggressive moves in economic matters and display military might.

Erratic and dramatic worldwide weather makes more news. Volcanoes stir noticeably in Iceland and the Cascade Range, and troublesome events are in the news for Chicago, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and Toronto.