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Akashic Answers: Maldek, Lemuria, and Atlantis

Akashic Answers: Maldek, Lemuria, and Atlantis Amanda Romania

Welcome to Akashic Answers. This month, we’re going to look at some of the questions I have received regarding Maldek, Lemuria, and Atlantis.

I have had a fascination with Atlantis for many years and have tried to connect to it in a past-life regressions. Every time I do, I seem to find myself on a cosmic trip. I would love to know how I’m connected to Atlantis and how I can explore these other realms.

— John, California

From Amanda: I agree this can be confusing, because when we think of Atlantis, we often think of cities of light and magical times. When I do regressions with people, I can identify five key timelines that span over 150,000 years.