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Your Persona Is Fulfilled

Your Persona Is Fulfilled Teacher through Miriandra Rota

Greetings! I am Teacher, and I come forth to briefly speak with you to assist you in daring to change. Now, you might wonder what I am asking you to change, and the truth is that I am not asking you to change. Your inner being is asking — begging! — you to let go of who you have believed you are. This doesn't mean you have been a fake; it doesn't mean you are invalid. Rather, it means that the vehicle of your persona has fulfilled its purpose. Do you see? You are so much more than your persona, my dears. And yes, your human nature requires a persona through which to journey, but this is bigger than that.

Long ago you determined that you would live during this time of great change on Earth, this time of great battles. Not only did you determine that you would live during this time and assist the light to reside incarnate, but you also determined something for yourself. Determining something for yourself isn't selfish, nor does it put you in a bad light spiritually. On the contrary, that you decided something for yourself demonstrates the truth that you are who you are and there is no need to prove anything. You see, my dears, you are blessed beings.

Yes, there is the journey, but even on that journey, you do not try to prove anything. You simply do your best. One day on your journey, you discovered freedom in choice, and you dared to choose the direction of your journey. Sometimes you have stubbed your toe, spiritually and physically, yet you have recovered and continued onward.