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You Can Transform Violence on This Planet

You Can Transform Violence on This Planet Grandfather and Isis and Joopah through Robert Shapiro

Robert: What to do about people who are causing harm intentionally? First say the living prayer preamble: "I am asking that all the most benevolent energies that are available for me be all around me and all about me now." If you want to add the name of your deity, saying energies and your deity, go ahead. Or if you know the names of your guides, you can put them in there if you want too. Make sure it's something that you think of as benevolent. That's what you want: benevolent energies around you because they will help to bring about what you ask for. Then wait for about half a minute. For those of you who feel the energy come up, wait until it relaxes a bit or you know it's there, and then say, "I am asking that human beings who cause harm with the intention to hurt or kill experience what they are going to do to others to themselves first, even if they are in the process of causing the harm, and know that they are the cause."

This is Grandfather. Now, I feel this is a good topic to explore. It does not require a great amount of time, however, because what was stated already is what to do. Since this is carried out spiritually, you don't have to add the statement "and to happen in the most benevolent way" and so on because by working spiritually, the mechanics are that your souls (and the souls of all beings), meaning one's overall spirit and one's day-to-day spirit, which you call your soul, must agree, at least to some extent, that this is a good thing. On a soul level, one is not affected by the slings and arrows of life, so the will and the ego are not factors. In this way, people have a chance to learn. You understand, though, that it will happen in the most benevolent way. It is an ultimate way to create a more benevolent society. It will, at times, create complications, but if it works for everyone (and it will not start working until it works for everyone), then it will accomplish its purpose.

Okay, I'm not clear. Is this something that whoever the person is — let's say a suicide terrorist — will feel before he does the action or after? He's going to feel it after death anyway, when he goes through the life review.