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You Attract Awareness

You Attract Awareness Sanat Kumara through Maureen St. Germain

Take your seats among the great ones. See yourself sitting with us as cocreators of your reality. Imagine you are going into a great hall filled with people. You are escorted to the front where you sit with us, the ascended masters. Your commitment to your processes has awarded you the privilege to a seat of honor.

This is Sanat Kumara alerting you that as a spiritual master, you are cocreating every moment. Now that you know this, we know you will be very careful with your thoughts. It is irrefutable that whatever you manifest, whatever you imagine, be prepared to always add your emotion of joy, satisfaction, and gratitude.

We ask you to make your manifestations even bigger. We ask you to make them bigger for humanity so that they can find what you find, either through their efforts or the efforts of others who are similar in understanding. Keep your faith. Know with absolute certainty that you are a master and that you are cocreating the reality.