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You Are in the Midst of a Spiritual Revolution

You Are in the Midst of a Spiritual Revolution Archangel Michael through Ronna

Beloved masters, imagine for a moment that you are fully aware of your origins and that you can tap into your personal cosmic history files anytime you wish. Imagine that you have the ability to communicate without words (mind to mind) with those around you. Imagine that you have the natural ability to see everyone's auric field and therefore can read or understand a person's state of being at any moment. Imagine that you can envision clearly that which you wish to manifest so that it takes little time and effort for your visions to become reality. Imagine that you have the ability to communicate and interact with the archangels and the vast angelic realm as well as the ascended masters and the great beings of light. All these attributes and abilities are part of your natural state of being in the higher realms, and you are now in the process of regaining these God-given talents as well as the ability to assist in the evolution of humanity and Earth.

We have explained many times how you separated your Divine self into a masculine spark of essence with the characteristics and qualities of our Father God and a feminine spark of essence with the virtues and attributes of our Mother God. Since that first separation, each facet of your self has refracted into a multitude of smaller sparks of divinity, and you have assumed myriad forms and innumerable missions throughout this universal experience. The next grand stage of universal expansion and the evolution of all sentient beings are well under way, and each of you has an integral part to play as a starseed and bearer of Divine light.

The ascension process requires letting go of those things that have kept you in the stifling, restrictive reality of the third and fourth dimensions. It entails returning to balance and harmony in all facets of your earthly being, and that will result in clearing your memory banks of all the discordant energies and events of your rich and varied past. All that will remain is wonder, joy, and success you have attained as a cocreator in the material realms.