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What Love Means as an Ascendant

What Love Means as an Ascendant The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

How is the heart its own manifestation in bioascension?

Quantum light masters, we continue to chronicle the markers we see you using in your applications for bioascension. Bioascension is authenticated by the direct experience of the eternal presence as the only creator of its own embodied reality. You now know that embodied self-realization replaces thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs as outdated, learned, and programmed systems.

Ascended beings do not have polarity issues or wounds. Ascended beings no longer use their thoughts, feelings, attitudes, or beliefs as medicine. They know that thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs were all created from the biased intellect of judgment that replaced free-energy experiences. Their conscious self-awareness is the medicine, sacrament, and ceremony for the world. They no longer need perceptions, ceremonies, mediators, power objects, or places to remember, and they do not need meditations to save the world. They know that the core-heart being is everyone and everything and is created though eternal sense essence. They know their very existence is a living, loving sacrament to the world.