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The Unison of the Trinity Energy

The Unison of the Trinity Energy Archangel Zadkiel through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

We are here. Dearest children of this collective consciousness that you call Earth, you are arriving now at a peak moment of harmonic convergence. You ask us, "What is harmonic convergence?" We offer you the energy of that which you are seeking. Simply breathe and remember: You are the tone that you seek to be, and you are at the time when all tones are arising as a precious chorus of oneness.

Together, you are all a precious gift, a precious harmony, a precious unified recognition. This unification is for all, not just those you think deserve it, for judgment is outside of the harmony, and this harmony encompasses all.

At this monumental moment of abundant recognition, you are being nourished with every aspect of the Divine — every aspect. This is a virtual limitless experience as you call forward every aspect of all-ness. This includes all experience, all beingness, all representation, all expression, and every divine aspect without limitation. You could make a list titled "Here are all the aspects of my being-ness," and you would see that every aspect listed is nourishing you now, even if your list has things that you may consider scary or not quite right.