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Understand Your True Self

Understand Your True Self Uriel through Arthur Fanning

You're beginning to be willing to communicate with the spiritual aspect of yourselves — we'll say your auric layers because that's what you see sometimes. Each layer is energy of feeling, and when you begin to feel the space we talked of, you'll feel the loneliness. It's an intense feeling. That's why people hoard things. It's not for the things; it's to fill the space instead of understanding the delicate nature of space. You could actually call things out of space gently with little things such as cleaning your countertops, helping with the dishes after dinner, and turning off your TV for a moment or two to read a book.

You will need to do these things to find yourselves. You're all in this lost thing. You can't understand who you are yet, or you wouldn't be watching what you're watching and doing what you're doing to get into the conflicts you're in. Peace to all beings and mercy. You're going to find out that your planet is a temple of God, and you're walking in the temple. Your job is to clean it. Primarily, respect it and the beings within it. But you're not educated that way yet.

Your boundaries have committed you to different levels of consciousness. People from different countries act differently, and there's a national resistance to everyone who is different. You're going through that integration phase now. The only integration you can really use now is prayer. You have to pray for everyone.