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Spiritual Leadership Is Coming

Spiritual Leadership Is Coming The Peacemakers through Robin Baldock & Greg Branson

You are seeing how those in your society with the loudest voices are emphasizing and encouraging the division among factions within political parties and among religions. This is a reminder that many in the human family are still engaged in the project to pretend that you are independent beings separate from each other and your surroundings.

The purpose from the ancient Egyptian period through to the present has been to create a laboratory in which the intellect would be developed and its capabilities explored. The genuinely spiritual people alive today are nearing the end of that journey, where the mental faculties need to connect back to all the other aspects of the self with each part acting wholly in cooperation as one unified mind. Many will take far longer. The disinformation you see all around you is one symptom of that need to change, and the more you extend your senses through your technology, the more the limitations of the intellect as a separate entity will become apparent.

There are no half measures. The truth is the truth only when it can be manifested. You have observed in politics that, very often, those who lead you have much less than a 50 percent stake in the truth. However, what they say, often rooted in old prejudices, can still be plausible.