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Spiritual Fatigue: the Frequencies Aren't Helping

Spiritual Fatigue: the Frequencies Aren't Helping Phyllis Light

In my role as spiritual teacher and healer, I do my best to keep my finger on the pulse of what is going on spiritually for all of us on planet Earth. I watch what people go through, receive information from my higher guidance, and feel and observe what is going on within me.

Since May 2012, we have all been under the influence of an incredible influx of Divine energy that is transforming us to our depths whether we want it or not. I'm sure we, the human race, collectively called for this by wanting and needing it desperately, but individually, many of us do not consciously want or choose to change.

This energy pouring into us has brought an enormous amount of old, negative subconscious programming to the surface for us to acknowledge and heal. In other words, it is on our cosmic docket to change by stirring up and shining light on all our inner demons and skeletons and forcing us to deal with them once and for all. These negative energies have been buried deep within us for eons. We are now getting a chance to revisit them and work on the parts of ourselves that we have resisted dealing with for a long time.