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Seek Harmony

Seek Harmony Keeper of Time and Em through Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time, and I bring you a little story about harmony. Harmony is the sixth plane. Humans have a wave pattern for everything on your side of the veil. Each wave has a frequency to it as it travels up or down, forward or backward. That is the frequency of your wave, or your tone. Every part of your body has a slightly different wave and vibration, and you have a signature vibration that you send into the world at all times. Can you alter it? Yes, of course you can. Just having different thoughts can help open those waves so that you can more easily harmonize with other people.

The collective vibration of humanity has risen although you do not see the results of that. You have been moving apart in this huge wave of separation, but as that changes, you'll have the opportunity to form unity. Unity is your natural state. That is the first dimension that you lived in; you were not separate from each other. You're all a part of each other, but it's very difficult for you to grasp that concept while you pretend to be separate.

You have gained individual personalities, which we adore. We find that fascinating and beautiful. When you return Home, you will bring that beautiful core personality with you, and even as a spirit, you will laugh at the same jokes, have the same energies, and see and believe some of the same things. However, your humanness will be left behind, as will your fears and your energy that do not harmonize with a larger collective spirit of who you are.