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Prepare to Don Your Lightbody

Prepare to Don Your Lightbody Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

All are the same in heaven. All have the Creator gene to create all desires with the exception of "do no harm." "Peace to all beings, and peace for all beings" is our mantra when manifesting.

The morning ritual of cleansing all your bodies using crystals and archangels and releasing all 3D energies that stuck to you during the night — pulling out all cords and sealing your body with the golden light of the Supreme Creator Goddess, inside and out — is important to clear the way for our connection. Cleanse all the chakras and meridians in all dimensions and in all directions. Then repolarize and open your crown chakra to my light. Fill your body with my light in every cell, and attach the physical heart to the spiritual heart with intention. Hold there, and breathe. Close your eyes, count 1, 1, 1, and sit in the still point at the end of your breath.

Repeat this process if necessary until you find peace in the still point. Rest there. Feel yourself explore the outer dimensions, and feel your vibration rise as you meet us. Continue breathing deeply until you feel comfortable in the higher dimensions. Then we will bring forth the cloak of your lightbody. We wrap it ever so slowly over all your bodies and button it fast as you think and say, "I don my lightbody," and it is done. It is done. It is done.