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New Energy Is Coming

New Energy Is Coming Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

We are in a rare state of confusion regarding what to share with you. Some here say that you, the human collective, are not ready for this new information. However, others are of the opinion that without this new information, you will never achieve the level required to receive it. This is, as you say, a Catch-22, is it not? After much deliberation, we have agreed to share some of the information with you. How you use this knowledge will determine whether we continue to give you the complete missive.

Your species is experiencing an energy that has not occurred previously on your planet. It is a blend of incoming energy and your own energy as you respond to the new energy. Eons ago this new energy was concocted in hopes that, at some point, your kind would be advanced enough to accept, align with, and properly utilize it. Although some off-planet and other-dimensional observers say it is premature for this new energy to be sent to your planet, others believe it is the exact appropriate time. Those who disbelieve your readiness to utilize the energy appropriately and beneficially have agreed, albeit reluctantly, to allow the energy to be released and sent to you. They are of the belief that you will either use the energy for its highest good or destroy yourselves as you experiment with it. They say it will either kill you or cure you.

Although both sides have vastly different reasons for allowing this energy to be sent to you, the fact remains that it has been sent and is on its way. Within one of your years, you will strongly sense this energy. At that time, those of you who are sensitive to and aware of energies will sense and recognize it. How will you know whether you're sensing this energy or something else, such as astrological influences? One easy method to discern energies from other planets in your solar system is to check your astrological influences at the moment you feel the energy. If there is nothing relative to it astrologically, nothing that is causative of the sensations you feel, then it is this energy.