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Memory as Creation

Memory as Creation Patrick Garlinger

You all use memory for the creation of a world that you experienced at a particular moment in time and space and have since begun to experience in different ways. Yes, memory is a powerful form of creation, one of your most basic forms that you use to manipulate time and space. You do not think of it as manipulating time and space, and that is one of the points we make, for you must understand the role of memory in the creation of your present world.

With memory, you bring two different worlds in time and space together at the same moment of consciousness. No, you do not experience them in the same way; you experience one as memory and the other as the present. But this is not an important distinction right now. Suffice it to say, you have the ability to re-create the world — a partial re-creation — through your memory. Your experience of that moment in time and space might be altered, and it might not correspond to the past as you really experienced it. But that is not important.

Our point is that, at a given moment, when you experience a memory, you are creating through your intellectual faculties a world that did not exist in time and space the moment before. You are joining two worlds. You are joining the world that exists now and that you experience in the present moment with the world based on your memory of that place.