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Manifest Divine Love Each Day

Manifest Divine Love Each Day Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, I am Gaia, and I encompass many different energies and life forms that compose the infrastructure and living body of Earth. All elements and structures on Earth have consciousness. They serve the sacredness of creation in living physical form, which in essence (or in a different way of seeing things), manifests via sacred unity and the breath of life.

When you sit on a rock, you sit on a living being. She may seem solid and unmoving, but if you think about it, she too moves and lives as her atoms work together to maintain the physical form she holds as a solid rock. Is there Divine consciousness in this? Of course there is. How do the atoms know how to interact to continue to create physical form? This is Divine consciousness on Earth at its root manifestation. This is Divine love that manifests in every aspect of creation. This is the Divine love that moves the many complex and wonderful workings of your physical vessels as well as those of the plants, animals, and structures that support life on Earth and provide you with a very keen mirror of your sacred place in life, if you choose to see it.

You see, by design, your minds and hearts have been allowed to darken over many years to the point that most of you have forgotten that you have never been separate from the sacred love of the Creator. The very breath of intelligence is with you every moment you walk on Earth. Consider also that the breath of Divine intelligence and structure also continues when you lay your physical bodies to rest in the earth. Life continues as structures change form and return to a state where molecules can support new life. You are not separate from the processes of life. Yet many of you have learned to fear the inevitable processes of life and rebirth instead of embracing the lessons that may come your way and finding how they bless you within the time frame of life on Earth. You are all interconnected to the Divine consciousness that not only supports and blesses you while you draw breath but also continues after you separate from your body.