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Love and Light Make You Strong

Love and Light Make You Strong Mary Magdalene and Yeshua through Mercedes Kirkel

Hello, beloveds. This is Mary Magdalene, and I am here with Yeshua. We are very happy to be with you. We would like to know how we can help and support you. What do you specifically need help with?

Some years ago, when I was asleep in my bed, I heard a voice call my name. Then I felt a hand on my belly, and I got scared. I told it, "Go away! I don't want this," and it disappeared. About four weeks later, it came back, and it has kept returning since. I don't know who it is or what its purpose is. I asked my guardian angel, "Please, will you protect me at night and send away whoever it is because it scares me."

Are you wondering if it's safe to open up to this being?