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Find Your Divine Fate

Find Your Divine Fate Cornelis Reiman

Being a healer is a long way from what I was trained to do at university or the experience that followed. Life had other plans. Years of working in the corporate sector and academia seemed an unlikely background for a healer, but that's what happened to me.

Patients now queue to see me each day. People fly to Thailand just to meet me. It is incredible. What's more incredible is that these people gain substantial benefits from what I do, which involves me sweeping them clear of physical, psychological, spiritual, and karmic problems.

I have learned a great deal about many things. I've learned how to attain and maintain calmness, and I've learned how to give it to others. That might explain why people enjoy seeing me. However, for those folk who don't meet me, there are crucial points to mention. These are all about finding divine fate.