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Exit the Frequency of 3D Fear

Exit the Frequency of 3D Fear The Collective Soul through Carolyn Gervais

Today we are going to discuss the whats, whys, and ways of fear. You have all been carrying around more fear than usual in the past eighteen months of physical and political unrest throughout much of your human world. We are proud of you for what you might term "hanging in there" as well as you can. Fear is a common feeling when living in a realm of duality, but you can also see it as a tool that has helped to move the energy of humankind and your planet onward to purer frequency levels of consciousness.

You are now working with the energy of the fifth dimension. Some might ask, "Why do we still have these physical bodies to carry around?" Many of you thought by the time you reached the fifth dimension, your bodies would be made of light energy. Dear ones, you still have some or a lot of perceptions, beliefs, and residual experiences within your 3D akash that activate 3D feelings and fears, and you are still learning from and resolving those. Some of those feelings and fears can cause you to doubt your spiritual journey and create frightful thoughts of what could come next.

Many have not yet adapted, chosen, or accepted that their bodies and minds have been transcending as their consciousness light quotient expands and moves them into purer frequencies of the energy levels of 4D and 5D, thus keeping the memory of fear more apt to be a part of life.