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Clearing the Pain Body

Clearing the Pain Body Amma through Cathy Chapman

Yeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) and Buddha came to give revelations to those who would listen: one for the East and one for the West and the Middle East. You could say they came to reveal ways in which human beings could go into their hearts to live their lives in ways that would move them to spiritual growth and toward ascension.

The one you call Yeshua was known in some circles as the wicked priest. Imagine that, the wicked priest! Do you know why he was known as the wicked priest? I'm going to tell you. This one [the channel] read about it in a book [Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls by Barbara Thiering] in which the author translated the ancient documents [Dead Sea Scrolls] that had been hidden. Yeshua was called wicked because he revealed the secrets of spiritual growth. The common people were not to know those secrets. Because of Yeshua, the secrets are readily available for anyone who wants to open the Christian scriptures. Look in the book of Matthew and read the Sermon on the Mount. They are there.