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The Beginning of the Great Peace

The Beginning of the Great Peace Master Sananda through Judith K. Moore

Greetings, beloved disciples of light. I am Master Sananda, the Christ. Thank you for opening your Christ lightbodies to receive me so that we may be in a sacred state of communion with the Christ vibration and power of the Christ consciousness.

I am not of the flesh of the body; I am of the living word. I am the eternal Christ. I came to Earth in seven incarnations of the Christ, Master Jesus. Yeshua ben Josef was the seventh incarnation of the Christ, foretelling of the promise of the return, for he promised humankind that he would return and be among them.

The eighth coming of the Christ consciousness is the power of the Christ consciousness awakening in the human soul. You are the vessels of light that have awakened your Christ lightbodies to receive the holy presence of the Christ consciousness that transforms the world of suffering to a world of light and beauty because the divine nature of humans is to love. There is no bondage of fear that can hold the human soul from the ultimate divine purpose to love and be loved and thus awaken the Christ within to love without limits, eternal and immortal.