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Be More Than You Expect from Yourself

Be More Than You Expect from Yourself Jenine Beecher

Josefa "Juanita" Loaiza was hanged in Downieville, California, on July 5, 1851. She was the first and only woman to be hanged in California's history. I met Josefa in June 2016. The following information is an account of our conversations.

Some details vary slightly between what I learned from Josefa and from my research with Downieville historians. After pondering these discrepancies, I decided that ultimately Josefa's teachings have been an extremely valuable asset to my life. Therefore, I feel it is important to show my respect to her by telling her story as she described it to me.

An Energetic Standoff

Josefa made her presence known to me by clairvoyantly showing me pictures of her stabbing at me. It was early morning, and I was doing laundry. I engaged my protection techniques, puffing up the energy in my space like a peacock showcasing its feathers.