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Ask the Angels: Truths the Angels Have Taught Me

Ask the Angels: Truths the Angels Have Taught Me Cheryl Gaer Barlow

Many misconceptions exist about angels. An angel of God appeared to me in an intense light, spoke to me, and touched me on the forehead with two fingers on her right hand. Since then, I have been given truths from the heavens, and I would like to clear up these misconceptions. These truths are not from my imagination or from spirits around us but from the words of the holy angels. I attest to these truths. Angels are alive and with us at every moment.

Angels are not assigned people to oversee. They have known you over many lifetimes and have specifically requested to have you as their charge. Angels watch souls on Earth and read their thoughts. They see the light in the soul and choose the souls they wish to watch over. Humans may need varied angels at different growth levels. You can have more than one guardian angel. One is with you from birth to death, and many are with you at various intervals.

Angels do not have wings. When you see or hear an angel, you may think you hear the fluttering of wings, but this is energy of the highest that surrounds the angel. Artists have always portrayed angels as having wings to designate flying or supernatural qualities of angelic beings.