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Animal Whisperer: Animal Life Is Precious Too

Animal Whisperer: Animal Life Is Precious Too Kim Malonie

I am deeply concerned about my fur family, Bimbee and her four children — Beauty, Blu, Bright, and Blackie. I came home late one evening in November and found all five gone. I am almost at the end of my rope after having tried many things to find them but failing.

On that day, my husband slept in the afternoon while I was out for a meeting. He woke up later not feeling well, and he was irritated by the noise Bright and Blackie were making. His anger grew when he almost slipped on the floor because one of the cats had been sick. (Blu eats fast and has a tendency to eat from others' dishes. I left them with extra food that day because I knew I would be home late in the evening.)

Evidently, my husband placed all five cats in a box and asked a taxi driver to dispose of them. To this day, my husband stands by his story and simply refuses to provide me with any other. I do not even know if his story about the taxi driver is true.