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Allies and Totems: Parrot and Watermelon Tourmaline

Allies and Totems: Parrot and Watermelon Tourmaline Margaret Ann Lembo

Everything is energy and has a vibration. Each gemstone has mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical teachings within it based on its color, structure, and growth process (way of becoming that mineral or stone). Every animal, insect, plant, bird, or fish has a teaching as well.

Symbolism is everywhere. Gemstones hold the history of Earth and all this planet has to offer you to evolve your soul and spirit in this incarnation. Nature offers guideposts and lights the path on this sacred journey here on Earth.

Do you find benefits from crystal alignments or working with gemstones? Crystal healing is a good way to balance your energy. Essentially, every gemstone has a matching vibration. In the world of crystal healing, the parrot gemstone is an ally and a totem when you are working with color in art, crystals, clothing, and décor — basically all aspects of life.