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Absolute Consciousness

Absolute Consciousness Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Beloved students, I am delighted to greet you as the high-energy month of July dawns. I extend great love and abundant joy to you in a flow of divine grace and lasting peace. Determine to enjoy this month by celebrating every moment of beauty, every point of inspiration, and every act of kindness. Indeed, celebrate every breath you take.

It is time to responsibly heal the wounds left by the Piscean Age and get on with the task of actually creating a higher-frequency Aquarian Age. Indeed, the order of the day is realization. Collectively, you must realize the New Age; individually, you are poised to realize your enlightenment.

I offer the teachings of the past few months to aid humanity in the monumental task of realizing the Aquarian Age. You are the ones who took birth to accomplish this notable feat. Be aware that this task will require significant energy, focused intention, and dedication.