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You Cannot Be Contained

You Cannot Be Contained The Cosmic Blue Essene through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Hello, beloved ones of great light, love, and joy. We have come together today in a unified field of presence. This unified field of presence is one that you have been in before because you sit within a holy chamber. A holy chamber does not need to be made of stone. The holy chamber is within the sacred chamber of the vessel you call your body.

Do you ever climb into the pyramid of your divine sacred chamber and understand the gift that is you? Within you is a great spirit, and within that great spirit is great presence. Within this great presence is great strength, and within this great strength is great wisdom — great wisdom to move forward through the moment of linear time that is before you and to offer to yourself the ultimate recognition of the unification of soul with form. To deny your form for the sake of the soul is to deny yourself. To deny the soul is to deny your wisdom.

Love and Wisdom

The two eternal energies of love and wisdom, when placed together in the divine circuitry known as a vessel of form, arise renewed and “in-lightened.” You are here on this planet at this moment of linear time because you are ready to arise into your in-lightened state. You can deny this to yourself, to be in-lightened, if you hold on to less than love and wisdom in the perfect balance of your unified heart.