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You Are the True Essence of Life

You Are the True Essence of Life The Universe through Athene Raefiel

Mighty beings of light assisting us in our journey of life, won’t you please tell me why there is so much suffering and sadness in life on this planet?

Dear children of love, this is a very important question. Life goes in cycles; you live many lifetimes in the physical plane to gain awareness of the soul and lightbeing you are. The separation of love and life began long ago. Believing themselves to be separate from the eternal, humans determined it their right to rule the elements surrounding them. This of course is the nature of the beast within that strives to survive.

Existence unto itself is simply form; therefore all life having form must ascend each plane and dimension of being they are capable of to move beyond the limits imposed by those spaces. Limitations are the key to growth in all spaces of form. Sadness and suffering are caused by an imbalance of one’s flow.