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You Are Leading the Universe

You Are Leading the Universe Merlia through Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones. I am Merlia. I join you this day to share more about my other aspects, for I am the feminine version of the Merlin energy. Although the energy has been on your planet before, I have not been here for several reasons. Let me explain first by talking about the masculine side of Merlin and what is now taking place.

As you may know, that aspect of me can move backward through time. In truth, that is the only way we can move. Merlin traveled backward because it provided a unique perspective that allowed him to perform magical feats, which got everyone’s attention so that he could deliver a message. Many people tried to emulate him after that. How does one learn to walk backward in time? What does that even mean?

Actually, you are all about to find out. You have gone through a major shift that is bringing the conclusion to a very long story. As we go forward, we will share more about that. The most important part to understand is that you placed yourself here for a specific reason. You are here at this time and space because that was incredibly important to you. In truth, many of you are in backup plans. What does that mean? Well, you had parents and a family picked out and contracts that you were scheduled to begin. However, something happened, and you had to wait another generation, which was too long. It was so important for you to be here now that about 20 percent of the planet is actually living out a backup plan — people have different sets of parents and different contracts than were originally chosen. Therefore, they might feel as if they are outcasts or do not belong. The sad part is that many have become accustomed to that. Yet here you are, awakening every day with new energy. You feel it is shifting and changing at the speed of love, which is substantially faster than the speed of light. Well, there you go.