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Unexpected Change

Unexpected Change Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Every time these messages begin, there are a few moments of adjustment, a pause. The adjustment is for my partner, not for you. It is because the messages truly are given almost in another dimension. It’s difficult for a Human Being to really switch gears and stop listening to a Human in a chair and instead listen to a multidimensional message from the other side. However, this is where the message originates.

The message for today is a little different from others. I start again with congratulations for the Human race, for you pulled it off. This is a colloquialism that means you really did something amazing. Almost at the last moment, the timing of the stars brought you to the end of a profound cycle, and you went through it without another unending war. You went through it without horror and strife or the projected termination of the planet, yet you really don’t know what you’ve done. Today you are in a brand-new energy. Since 2012, many things have been reacting and changing — not just you — and that’s what I want to talk about.
The Crystalline Grid

Let’s start with one of the basics: the crystalline grid of this planet. I have discussed with you that this grid is a remembering grid. I have told you that it is active (always shifting), and it is activated by the emotions and the compassions of Human Beings. I told you that it is a fast-track grid; that is to say that if it changes, Humans who are on it will feel that change. Up until now, it has had overwhelmingly negative input from humanity because that is what Human nature responds to. These are the primordial emotions: fear, suffering, and horror. If you don’t believe me, watch your news. It seems to be what Human Beings are most attracted to and interested in. Horror and drama are the emotions that often drive your marketing, films, and books. That is the Human nature we speak of, and that is starting to change. So a grid that remembers humanity’s emotions gives you the feelings of horror on a battleground or the sadness at a gravesite. It remembers what is input into it.