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Trigger Mechanisms and Focusing Devices

Trigger Mechanisms and Focusing Devices Shamael through Jonathan Goldman

In the early 1980s, Jonathan attended his first healing arts festival. He was quite young at the time, and much of the experiences, techniques, and knowledge that now seem so common to so many were quite new to him. There were many different modalities of healing and transformation offered at this festival — therapeutic touch, crystal healing, past-life regression, and aromatherapy. There were dozens of approaches offered to help to restore health and balance.

Jonathan had come from a family of doctors and had been very much an adherent to only allopathic medicine until this time. Then he learned to feel energy fields and chakras and much more — he even saw his first UFO — and his beliefs were shaken to his very core. “How,” he wondered, “could all of these different modalities work?” He asked this, and we responded. At the time, we gave him a message (though he did not know it came from us). We said, “It is simply through trigger mechanisms and focusing devices.”

Jonathan wondered what this was, but we felt it best that he discover these concepts for himself. In truth, he gained such awareness, but he did not know them by the names we had given him. Then to his amazement, he figured it out last month.