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The Transformation of All Human Existence

The Transformation of All Human Existence Master Aza Ra through Judith K. Moore

I am Aza Ra. I am the emissary of light of the Cosmic Council for Human Evolution. We are your loving family of light that has united the Galactic Councils of Peace for the sake of universal harmony. I am a Pleiadian human from Terra Azara, a sister planet of Terra Gaia in a higher universe.

We have resolved duality and entered oneness, just as you shall. We have contacted our sister planet because there are enough lightbeings on the planet now to provide the harmonic vibration required to communicate with you. We are relatives to the human community in the multiverse and in many dimensions and parallel realities. Terra Azara is an evolved planet. We are a bridge of light for all humanity to be liberated throughout creation. We are a cosmic council for the evolution of human consciousness in many worlds. The liberation of the human soul is the birth of consciousness for the awakening of oneness in all aspects and dimensions of existence in creation.

It gives me great joy to communicate with my human family. We have eagerly waited the time for human consciousness to expand into the universe and into the cosmos and at last be reunited with your light.