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Things Are Better Than They Seem

Things Are Better Than They Seem Lily of the Sirius Group through Beverley Bright Star

Hello, everyone. This is Lily of the Sirius star group. I am here today to begin a dialogue with you about the many things affecting your lives these days. As some of you might know, the Sirians were among the first to work with your planet, and we worked with the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, the Vegans, the Hathors, and many others during the early days of this planetary system.

When the Pleiadians’ scout ship first discovered Earth, they sent word that a very beautiful and interesting planet had been found. We responded as soon as we could, and in doing so, we established what has been a very long relationship here. We have been weaving in and out of your civilizations for a very long time, and we have been instrumental in starting and maintaining them until it was time for us, at different periods in your history, to step aside.

My personal history with Liliana began about 6 ½ years ago when I was able to help with her reawakening during a serious health crisis. We have been working together ever since. I have guided her toward many things to help her in her personal evolution.