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Stimulate the Positive

Stimulate the Positive LaWanna Rine

Take a look. How do you feel? What are your thoughts at this moment? What are your emotions at this moment? Are you expressing illness or wellness? You are evaluating yourself each moment. Go look in the mirror. Are you smiling? Are your lips pressed firmly together? Is your forehead smooth, or are there deep furrows?

Too bad that there aren’t doctors who point out positive things rather than taking one symptom and pointing that out to you, thus causing you to think about it and accept it and create havoc throughout your body. What if you went to a doctor who said, “I love your smile. You have a nice head of hair. I honor your posture. Okay now, I’ll just look to see what I suggest you do to improve your body even more.”

Focus on your positive wellness. Do everything you can to create positive emotions of happiness, joy, and relaxation. Move each part of your body with wonderful emotion. When the doctor says, “We’ll take this disharmony and fix it. In the meantime, focus on your wellness, and know that this disharmony is being taken care of,” stimulate positive thoughts and eliminate the negative. Too many focus on the negative and affirm it. They glue it to their beings.